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Big Brother 18: Week 3 Eviction Results

We’ve made it to the third eviction of the summer and to say that it was a crazy week would be an understatement. After Bridgette won HOH, the majority alliance’s plans were scrapped in favor of a plan that was put together by the person they were all wanting to target, Frank.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 18 news - Source: CBS

Julie Chen has Big Brother 18 news – Source: CBS

The Eight Pack, minus Frank, all planned on getting Frank out this week, though that was obviously put by the way-side when Frank’s closest ally and team member one HOH. Bridgette winning HOH was equivalent to Frank winning it himself, and everyone on in the Eight Pack knew that. They all made sure that everyone understood that whatever Bridgette decided to do with her power was actually Frank’s doing.

Bridgette ended up nominating Tiffany and Paul, with Tiffany being the intended target. After Frank won another Roadkill competition, he nominated Bronte someone he figured would just be an easy pawn. Bridgette won veto, then kept the nominations the same. The vote ended up flipping numerous times throughout the week, though the last minute vote flip Wednesday night ended up being what everyone decided to finally stick with.


Big Brother 18 Week 3 Votes –

  • Corey votes to evict Bronte
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict Bronte
  • Frank votes to evict Tiffany
  • James votes to evict Tiffany
  • Michelle votes to evict Bronte
  • Natalie votes to evict Tiffany
  • Nicole votes to evict Bronte
  • Paulie votes to evict Tiffany
  • Zakiyah votes to evict Bronte
  • By a vote of 5-4-0, Bronte has been evicted.

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