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Big Brother 18: Week 2 Roadkill Nomination Ceremony Results

It’s time for the second Roadkill ceremony of the summer and it’ll definitely be a drama filled one since the house’s target is the one who won and has plans to nominate one of the most emotional houseguests in the house.

BB Roadkill from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

BB Roadkill from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

This week’s nominees are Paul and Bronte, both of which are just pawns in a backdoor plan that Paulie and Frank have put together. Their plan all along has been to backdoor Victor, but what they didn’t plan for is Victor being the one who gets to make an anonymous nomination.

Originally Victor did realize that he was a backdoor target, but decided to forget about that after having a conversation with Paulie, in which Paulie convinced him that him, Frank, and Corey all wanted to be a alliance with him and target Bronte this week. So despite Paul’s warnings, Victor believes he’s in on Paulie’s plan. Victor also went again Paul’s advice again when he told Paulie and Frank right away that he had won Roadkill and would be putting up either James or Tiffany. His rational was that Tiffany would be the easier one to get out of the two, but James has been pissing him off the entire week. Paulie just told Victor that he could do what he wanted, because Paulie knew it would ensure Victor wouldn’t play in the veto competition unless his name is drawn when they choose veto players.


Big Brother 18 Week 2 Roadkill Nomination Ceremony Results –

  • Tiffany was nominated by the Roadkill winner

Tiffany is already extremely paranoid, half convinced there is an elaborate plan in the works to get her out since she is planning to throw the veto, which ensures she’ll be on the block come Thursday. However, all the girls in the house have done their best to comfort her and reassure her that she has nothing to worry about. Victor believes he has enough votes to keep him, Paul, and Bronte safe by voting out Tiffany. What he doesn’t know is that if he doesn’t get picked to play in veto, he’s going home on Thursday.

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