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Big Brother 18: Week 2 Head of Household Competition Results

We’re heading into a crazy week, folks, and tonight’s HOH competition is crucial to both sides of the house’s survival. After the crazy blindside at the eviction, Paul and Victor were fighting for vengeance, while the Eight Pack alliance fought to keep power and continue picking off members of The Revolution!

Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother HOH competition – Source: CBS

Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother HOH competition – Source: CBS

This week’s HOH competition was a group one where they all had to work together if they wanted to win. Each team would have to walk across balance beams to retrieve a ball, walk back across, and put it into a shoot. The first team to collect 40 berries wins. When someone falls off the beam, they’re out of the competition all together.

James and Victor might be on the same team, but both had plans going into this week that they’d throw the competition so that each would be eligible for nomination. Victor and James both figured that someone else from their alliance would be able to win the HOH and move forward with their plan.


Big Brother 18 Week 2 HOH Results –

  • Paulie is the new HOH
  • Frank, Michelle, Paulie, and Bridgette are all safe from eviction this week.

James threw the competition so that Victor and Bronte could be nominated, and they know James is the one who threw it. We’re in for a crazy week of Live Feeds and you can watch it all for FREE with a 7 day trial by signing up here!

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