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Big Brother 18: Week 12 POV Results

Today’s veto competition could either ensure Corey and Nicole’s plans, or throw a complete wrench in the works if their target were to obtain the ability to take themselves off the block.


Corey nominated Paul and Victor, with Victor as the main target. Corey and Nicole went against their final four alliance by doing this, so they’re wanting to send the biggest threat home, which they see as Victor. Victor has made it clear that he’s coming after them now if he were to stay, so Victor winning would be their best case scenario.

There is also the scenario where James won the veto and used it on Paul or Victor, which means that Nicole would have to go up. If Nicole went up and James voted her out, it means that it would then be 3 on 0 in the upcoming HOH since Corey can’t compete. It’s unlikely that it would happen, but it’s one of several possibilities. However, the only thing that matters is who actually manages to pull out the win.


Big Brother 18 Week 12 Power of Veto Competition Results –

  • Nicole


This all but completely seals Victor’s fate, as it’ll be Paul and Victor on the block come Monday for the taped eviction. Corey and Nicole’s clear target has been Victor, which was only solidified last night when Victor made a veiled threat to come after Nicole if he were to stay.

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