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Big Brother 18: Week 12 POV Ceremony Results

This is only the first of two veto meetings that’ll be happening this week, hence why it’s a day earlier than it has been all season long.


The first eviction this week is going to be tomorrow afternoon, which is why the veto ceremony is today instead of the usual Monday morning. Corey nominated Paul and Victor with the intention of sending Victor home, which all hinged on who ended up winning the POV. That also ended up working out in Corey and Nicole’s favor, as Nicole was the one who managed to win the veto.


Big Brother 18 Week 12 POV Ceremony Results –

  • Nicole decided to not use the veto
  • Either Paul or Victor will be evicted


We won’t know who is evicted tomorrow until Tuesday night, though it is pretty clear that it’ll likely be Victor. Prior to the veto, Victor made it clear to Nicole that he’d be coming after them if he were to stay, making the decision that much easier for Nicole to make. Now Paul’s only hope is for him or James to win the upcoming HOH and/or veto.

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