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Big Brother 18: Week 12 Nomination Plans

We’re down to the final five now, meaning things are getting down to the wire. Certain houseguests may have no choice but to turn on former allies to further their chances of winning.


Corey managed to pull out the win, meaning that him and Nicole will again have the control over which two houseguests will be going up this week. Both made it clear towards the end of last week that they’d want to work with James moving forward since he’d be all by himself. Now they’ve been given the chance to do exactly that.

It didn’t take long for Corey and Nicole to agree to nominate Paul and Victor, but Nicole was scared of the idea of James winning the veto and taking one of the guys off, which would result in her going home. Corey and Nicole sat James down and got him to say that he wouldn’t do that, which seemingly got Nicole back to being completely on board. Corey’s main target this week is Victor, but would be just as fine with sending Paul home if Victor were to win the veto.

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