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Big Brother 18: Week 12 Nomination Ceremony Results

Today’s nomination ceremony is only the first of two nomination ceremonies that the houseguests will be holding this week, as it is the beginning of the ‘Fast Forward‘ week.


Corey won the HOH, giving him and Nicole the power once again this week to decide which nominees were put up. Corey and Nicole both had a deal with Paul and Victor, but with Natalie gone, that left James all alone to work with whomever was willing. Corey and Nicole both spoke about working with James last week and agreed that it would be best for their game since he would for sure take one of the two of them to the final two if he were to win the final three HOH.

While Corey was completely ready to put both Paul and Victor up, Nicole feared that James might use the veto on one of the two boys, which meant that she’d be the one going up and they’d lose control of the votes. Corey and James both tried to calm those fears, which eventually was accomplished.


Big Brother 18 Week 12 Nominations –

  • Corey nominated Paul and Victor


This means that Corey and Nicole have openly gone against the two they were working with the last two weeks. The only way that Paul and Victor could both be saved at this point would be for James to win the veto, then convince him to use it on one of them so that it would be the three of them going against Corey next week, which means that it would be 3 vs 0 in the HOH competition. Otherwise, one of the two will be headed to jury.

  • Lisa Kay

    James don’t need to work with Victor or Paul because he would do better against Corey or Nicole. James has never won any comps but only been put up one time while Victor has won and he’s been evicted twice! James is doing EXACTLY what he said in his interview about strategy except getting in a showmance. But even that didn’t hurt his game in the end. After Paul called a woman a cu*t, I lost ALL RESPECT for him!! He doesn’t deserve to win because he loves to intimidate by lying to the point of being aggressivelyhostile but ONLY toward the women in the house… hmmmm?

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