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Big Brother 18: Week 12 Eviction Results

This first of two evictions this week is the first eviction this summer that wasn’t live, however, it was very clear heading into it who was going to be evicted.


When Corey was able to win HOH and Nicole won the veto, it once again gave them all the power to decide which nominee would go home. Corey nominated Paul and Victor with the intention of sending Victor home, which was only solidified once Victor didn’t win the veto. While Nicole did put up some counter-arguments as to why they should think about sending Paul home, it’s speculated that it was only a fake argument for footage, as Nicole talked about doing that as the new week started.

This week’s eviction will take us down to the final four, where the is only one sole vote to evict, which is what makes this week’s decision on who to send home so important.


Big Brother 18 Week 12 Votes –

  • James voted to evict Victor
  • Nicole voted to evict Victor
  • By a vote of 2-0, Victor is evicted


This means that we’re down to just Corey, James, Nicole, and Paul. We’ll be down to the final three come tomorrow night, but before then, we’ll have to wait and see who managed to win the HOH, who they nominated, as well as who ended up winning the veto. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and check back on the site for those spoilers once the live feeds return!

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