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Big Brother 18: Week 11 Targets

It’s been a pretty calm week compared to the rest, but there has been talk about everyone’s plans moving forward and into the next week, so we’re here to break each of those down.


Corey and Nicole are under the assumption that they aren’t doing anything wrong to James and Natalie this week, as they didn’t go against any deal because Nicole didn’t put either of them up, but still aren’t getting out Paul like they had been telling them they were all week. Nicole’s cards will be show on Thursday when she breaks the tie to send Michelle home instead of what was thought to be everyone’s main target, Paul.

James and Natalie both already had plans to nominate Nicole alongside Victor going into next week, and that’s even with them thinking that Michelle is going to stay this week. It’s possible that she gets put up alongside Corey after they send James and Natalie’s closest ally out the door. What is more likely is that they put up Nicole and Victor, possibly using Corey as the backup target if either were to pull themselves down. James and Natalie right now want to send Victor home over Nicole, but plenty of things could change once they find out what’s really going on.

Paul and Victor’s plans have been made very clear, and that is to put up James and Natalie as revenge for Natalie putting Victor up and James for voting Victor out. Neither trust James or Natalie anymore and have no qualms about getting them out. Their main target is James, but Corey and Nicole will try to talk them into going after Natalie instead, which likely won’t work.

Corey likely isn’t going to try to win, as him and Nicole both believe that they’re perfectly in the middle where neither side would go after them at this point. The two agreed that it would be dumb for James and Natalie to go after them over Paul and Victor, while also knowing that Paul and Victor are actually loyal to them, so they figure they’re good to go for at least another week. If Corey were to win, he and Nicole would have to sit down and decide which final four they’re actually going to want to stick with.

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