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Big Brother 18: Week 11 POV Results

We’re down to the final six, which means that veto competitions will be even more crucial than they were before. If a nominee takes themselves off, they’ll be one of only three votes to evict come Thursday night.


Victor nominated James and Natalie with the intention of sending James home, however, it looks like Corey and Nicole might have some different plans. They floated the idea of letting James win the veto so that they could send Natalie home, though that comes with it’s own set of risks as well.

James and Natalie have each told each other that they’d use the veto on the other if they were to win it, with James saying that he’s already checked out and accepted his fate. He has taken responsibility for putting him and Natalie in this position, so he said that it is on him to make sure that she doesn’t get sent home for his screw up. However, all of this just comes down to who is able to pull out the win.


Big Brother 18 Week 11 Power of Veto Competition Results –

  • Corey


This means that not only does Corey and Nicole control the votes this week, but they also control what is done with the veto. However, there is almost no way that the veto is used, as Nicole would be the person who went up in whomever he took down’s place. We’re likely to see James and Natalie still nominated come Thursday night.

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