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Big Brother 18: Week 11 POV Ceremony Results

As we close in on the last couple weeks of the season, the veto ceremonies will contain fewer and fewer surprises, with the outcome of each only being more and more obvious.


Victor nominated James and Natalie this week, with the ultimate goal with neither of them winning the veto to ensure that they’d get to choose on which they would evict. Corey ensured that by pulling out the veto win, giving him and Nicole all the power this week, from what happens at the veto ceremony to who goes home this week by maintaining their majority vote.


Big Brother 18 Week 11 POV Ceremony Results –

  • Corey decided to not use the veto
  • Either James or Natalie will be evicted on Thursday


Victor’s original target this week was James, but Corey and Nicole are the ones who will make that decision. They knew that they’d have a better shot at not going up if James were to win, so they made sure to get Paul and Victor on board with getting Natalie out, which they were able to do after only an hour of convincing. However, even if Paul and Victor were to change their mind, Corey said that they’re going to vote Natalie out no matter what Victor wants.

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