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Big Brother 18: Week 11 POV Ceremony Plans

Today’s veto ceremony is pretty straight forward, as there is three duos left in the house and if someone went against the HOHs wishes, the veto winner’s partner would be the replacement.


Corey won the veto, giving him and Nicole essentially all the power this week, as they also control the majority vote and will ultimately decide which nominee goes home. The only way that they can maintain that majority vote is to ensure that neither of them are nominated. There is only way that they can ensure that doesn’t happen.

Corey isn’t going to use the veto to keep the nominations the same, as Nicole would be the person to go up if he did go against Victor’s wishes by using it. While they aren’t using the veto, they will evict the nominee of their choice regardless of what Victor wants, as made very clear by Corey in a earlier conversation with Nicole last night.

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