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Big Brother 18: Week 11 Nomination Ceremony Results

We’ve made it to the final six, which means that we’re getting down to crunch time. The moves made moving forward will have the most impact on whether certain people are able to make it to the end or not.


Victor is the new HOH, who is obviously working with Paul. Paul and Victor made a new final four alliance with Corey and Nicole last week, but now it was their time to decide on whether they’d honor that alliance or not. They have two couples to pick from taking out this week, with the guarantee that at least someone from one of those two duos will go home.

After winning the HOH, Victor and Paul agreed that it was their turn to honor their side of the deal with Corey and Nicole proved their loyalty by keeping the two of them safe last week. Victor told Nicole that her and Corey will have no reason to worry about this week.


Big Brother 18 Week 11 Nominations –

  • Victor nominated James and Natalie


James is the main target, as Victor wants to get out the person who evicted him. Natalie is left as the backup in case James manages to pull himself off. If anyone other than the two nominees win the veto, they’re going to keep the nominations the same to ensure that one of the two are sent home. While Paul and Victor want James out, it ultimately comes down to what Corey and Nicole want to do since they are the majority vote this week.

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