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Big Brother 18: Week 11 Eviction Results

Tonight’s eviction is the last normal Thursday eviction of the summer as we’ll be making our way down to the final five and heading into the ‘Fast Forward’ week that starts tonight.


The game is getting down to crunch time as we’re less than two weeks from finale night and crowning the winner of Big Brother 18. Tonight’s eviction could end up costing two of the houseguests their games depending on what happens at the HOH competition, making tonight’s eviction all that more important.

While Victor is the HOH, Corey and Nicole control all the power this week since they have the majority vote. Even without Paul and Victor’s approval, Corey and Nicole can evict whomever they like, which is what they planned to do. However, Paul and Victor agreed with who they want to evict, which means that they won’t be getting any blood on their hands in that regard.


Big Brother 18 Week 11 Votes –

  • Corey evicts Natalie
  • Nicole evicts Natalie
  • Paul evicts Natalie
  • By a vote of 3-0, Natalie is evicted


This was originally supposed to be a blindside, but Natalie managed to catch on days earlier, spoiling Paul’s plan to shock James at the eviction. Corey and Nicole want to move with James moving forward, but might have to scratch that plan is Paul were to win HOH. As usual, everything hinges on the HOH competition.

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