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Big Brother 18: Week 11 Eviction Plans

Now that we’re down to only six people, there isn’t much surprise left to be had as to who is getting evicted, as even the two nominees have an inkling as to what is going to happen.


Victor nominated James and Natalie with the initial intention of sending James home, but Corey and Nicole are the ones who control all the votes and they made it their mission to get Paul and Victor on board with sending Natalie home instead. While it was clear that they wanted to keep James because they figured he wouldn’t turn against them, Paul and Victor either didn’t pick up on it or didn’t care, as they quickly got on board with the idea to keep James.

Natalie will likely be getting evicted by a 3-0 vote, something that she has been telling James she thinks is going happen. Paul wanted to blindside James at the eviction so that he wouldn’t be in the frame of mind to win the HOH, but it doesn’t seem like that’ll have any affect on anything this week.

After tonight’s eviction, we’ll be heading into a fast forward week, which means that tonight’s eviction could be very consequential based on who ends up winning the first HOH competition of this week.

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