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Big Brother 18: Week 10 POV Results

Today’s veto competition won’t only have to ability to seal someone’s fate, but it could also result in a line being drawn in the sand depending on who wins it.


Nicole nominated both Michelle and Paul this week, with the intention on sending Michelle home and doing whatever it took to keep Paul and Victor in the house to ensure that they’re still around to play in the double eviction for them. Going into today’s veto, James, Michelle, and Natalie had no idea about this new deal that had been struck between Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor, but they might find out depending on who wins today’s veto.

However, Michelle herself is currently the only one who could win today’s veto that would use it on her, as both James and Natalie are under the impression that she really is a pawn and would be fine regardless, so they figure that they might as well get $5000 from Corey’s bribe in order to keep the nominations the same. However, this is Big Brother and things could change before Monday rolls around.


Big Brother 18 Week 10 Power of Veto Competition Results –

  • Nicole


This means that the nominations are likely going to stay the same with Michelle being the one who is probably going to be the one who is sent home. James and Natalie both think that Paul is the target, but they’ll find out on Thursday when the tie has to be broken by Nicole.

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