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Big Brother 18: Week 10 POV Ceremony Results

Today’s veto meeting will be the deciding factor on which two houseguests will be up for eviction come Thursday, as well as possibly sealing the fate of one of the nominees.


Nicole has all the power this week, as she won both the HOH and POV. She’ll get to decide if she wants to use the veto or not, as well as getting to choose which replacement nominee would go up if one of the current nominees managed to come off of the block. Both of the current nominees think they’re pawns, but that is only true for one of them.


Big Brother 18 Week 10 POV Ceremony Results –

  • Nicole decided to not use the POV
  • Either Michelle or Paul will be evicted on Thursday


Nicole has made it clear to Corey that Michelle is her ultimate target this week. Both Corey and Nicole want to stay loyal to their new alliance members, Paul and Victor, as they both have agreed that they’d be screwed if they didn’t do that. Corey and Nicole know that Michelle is working with James and Natalie, so they know that by taking her out, they’re giving themselves a better chance of being chosen to stay over Paul or Victor if James or Natalie were to win the next HOH, as James and Natalie wouldn’t have anyone else left to work with at that point other than themselves.

  • Eugene Billups

    My hope is that Michelle or Natalie or James wins the. I think Corey and Nicole have played the weakest out the people left in the house. As well as the season. They don’t deserve to win this game, so good luck Nat,James and Big Michelle!

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