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Big Brother 18: Week 10 POV Ceremony Plans

The veto meeting is later this morning and we’ll be finding out which nominees will be nominated for eviction come Thursday night. Today could be the sealing of someone’s fate.


Nicole managed to win both the HOH and the veto this week, giving her all the power to make any decision she wants in regards to who she wants nominated on Thursday. Not only does she have that power, but she’ll also have the ultimate power to chose who goes home, as the odds are that she’ll be the tie-breaking vote.

Nicole’s goal is to send Michelle home this week, so she plans to keep the nominations the same. James, Michelle, and Natalie each think that Paul is the target so that it would be turned into 3 vs 3, but little do they know that Michelle is the target so that it can be turned into 2 vs 4.

Corey and Nicole have created a new four person alliance with Paul and Victor, which Corey is very on board with, as each time Nicole gets paranoid, Corey manages to keep her on board. Once the veto ceremony is over, James has plans to start working the other showmance in the house, so we’ll see if he’s able to convince them out not.

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