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Big Brother 18: Week 10 Nomination Plans

We have a new houseguest in power which means that a new set of nominees will be going up, possibly even a set that we’ve never seen put up before.


With James and Nicole being the last two houseguests left standing in yesterday’s HOH competition, Nicole had agreed to not nominate James or Natalie if he gave the HOH to her, to which James finally agreed to after a lot of reluctance. However, it looks as though Nicole is about to go back on that deal just as James has gone back on deal he’s made with other houseguests during endurance competitions.

Corey, Paul, and Victor all pushed for Nicole to nominate both James and Natalie, but Nicole wasn’t willing to nominate Natalie this week, but was willing to nominate James. Corey laid of numerous reasons she has to nominate James, such as going against what they wanted by sending Zakiyah home, he’s lied to many people’s faces when saying he wouldn’t put them on the block and said that it’s now James’ turn for someone to go against a deal that he struck with someone else.

Nicole agreed that she’d put James up, but said that her second nominee and main target would be Michelle. Nicole told Corey that leaving James in the house would be smart so that Paul has someone to go after, but also said that she has no issues with James going home if either the target switches to him or if Michelle pulls herself down.

Nicole thinks that the care package this week is going to be game-altering, so her nominations could end up being something even larger, such as James and Natalie, once she finds out that her HOH isn’t been taken over and she’s bribed $5,000 to put the showmance up together.

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