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Big Brother 18: Week 10 Eviction Results

This week’s eviction will be the first eviction since Frank’s where the eviction will be final, meaning that the evictee will get no chance to return to the game.

Julie Chen is back for Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

The nominees up for eviction this week are Michelle and Paul. James, Michelle, and Natalie all assumed that Michelle was the pawn, with the main target being Paul. What they don’t know is that Corey and Nicole created a new four person alliance with Paul and Victor to ensure that Michelle goes home and they can work together moving forward.

Corey even used his BB Bribe to make sure that Victor voted to evict Michelle and further solidifies their alliance moving forward. Going into tonight’s show, it’s clear who’s being evicted, what it comes down to is the reaction that James and Natalie are going to have.


Big Brother 18 Week 10 Votes –

  • Corey votes to evict Michelle
  • James votes to evict Paul
  • Natalie votes to evict Paul
  • Victor votes to evict Michelle
  • Nicole broke the tiebreaker by evicting Michelle
  • By a vote of 3-2, Michelle has been evicted

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