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Big Brother 18: Week 10 Eviction Plans

We’ve finally made it to another eviction, and tonight’s eviction is going to be another potentially crazy one with a fully-fledged blindside currently in-play.


Nicole nominated Michelle and Paul this week with the intention of Michelle going home. Once Nicole managed to win the veto and keep the nominations the same, she ensured that at least one of those two would be the one going home this week. After keeping the nominations the same, it just came down to working with the right people for Nicole to get what she wanted.

Corey was a guaranteed vote to evict Michelle. With Corey receiving his BB Bribe in the care package he got this week, it gave him the ability to ensure Victor’s vote, even though it was almost guaranteed that Victor wouldn’t vote Paul out.

James and Natalie are still working closely with Michelle and their plans moving forward all but completely hinge on Michelle staying in the house. Those two believe that Corey and Nicole would never blindside them and would tell James if they plan had moved from Paul to Michelle being the target, but that hasn’t happened.

After the four normal voters have¬†finally cast their votes this evening, it’s likely going to end up being a tie, leaving Nicole to break it. She’s made it very clear that she doesn’t like Michelle, as Michelle has called her out in front of everyone twice now and has made it clear to everyone that Nicole is her target. That being said, Nicole plans to break the tie by evicting Michelle, thus working with Paul and Victor moving forward instead of James and Natalie.

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