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Big Brother 18: Week 1 Eviction, HOH, and Nomination Results!

The two part season premiere is over and all whole ton of things have already gone down! From twists, to the first eviction, to already having the first HOH and nominations of the summer! We’re here to recap everything for you in case you missed any of it.

Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother HOH competition – Source: CBS

Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother HOH competition – Source: CBS

Tonight’s episode picked up where last night’s left off. The Freakazoids would have to face off against each other to determine which one of them will be going home and which one of them will become the first HOH of the summer.

The first three members to complete the competition would be safe from elimination and would have to decide which of the three they wanted to be the first HOH of the summer, while the person who finished last would be the first person evicted from Big Brother 18. Aside from the one evictee, the rest of the team would be safe from eviction.

Nicole finished first, guaranteeing her safety. Tiffany finished second, leaving just Corey and Glenn to compete against each other. In a photo finished, Corey and Glenn completed the competition at nearly the same time. However, after review it was clear that Corey finished first, making Glenn the first person evicted from the Big Brother 18 house.

Nicole, Tiffany, and Corey decided that it was best for Nicole to be the HOH. Nicole made them promise to keep her safe in the future, to which they did, then Nicole agreed with their plan to make her HOH. Paul obviously took exception to this, because he wants to make sure all the veterans are the first to go home.

Victor came to talk to Nicole after being told to figure out her game plan, but ended up spilling the beans about all the newbies wanting to get the veterans out, Jozea leading that charge. Da’Vonne ended up talking with Jozea on the hammock, telling her virtually everything about how he wants the veterans gone and how Nicole is the first on his pecking order. Da’Vonne told Nicole everything, giving her their first targets of the summer.


Big Brother 18 Week 1 Nominations –

  • Jozea and Paulie

Jozea is the target, with Paulie being the pawn. They wanted to have Paulie compete in the POV and to win it so that they can ensure that Jozea stays on the block and is the one who gets evicted second.

The Live Feeds kick off in only a few hours, which is where the real show and fun begins! You can watch the entire first week of live feeds for FREE with a 7 day trial by signing up here!

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