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Big Brother 18: Victor Shuts Down Paulie’s Last Ditch Effort

The veto meeting is tomorrow, which means that if Corey and Paulie don’t want one of their fate’s sealed, they’d have to convince Victor to use it on one of them, which wasn’t going to be easy.


Victor’s plan this week was to send Paulie home, and with him winning the veto, it ensured that he’d get his wish. However, Paulie came up with a last ditch scheme that would hopefully convince Victor to take Corey off and put up a replacement that they’d ideally be able to send home, but Victor wasn’t having any of it.

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Paulie kicked off his final plea to Victor just after noon. Paulie opened up by telling Victor that he doesn’t even want to be here anymore, but wants to be able to at least have some fun with campaigning, but doesn’t want to do it against Corey. Paulie explained to Victor that nobody would vote Natalie out and he’d still be sent home, but at least he could campaign. Victor told him that he’ll keep everything in mind, but would be doing what is best for his game. Paulie reiterated that he’d be going home either way, so it shouldn’t matter if Natalie is up as a pawn. Victor told Paulie that the more he changes things, the more it leaves the opportunity open that something that isn’t in his best interests happens.

Paulie told Victor that all the guys had something. Victor told him that all the guys did stick together, except Paulie decided to make extended alliance before they got to the final five with the guys. Paulie told him that he couldn’t just turn down an alliance when it’s proposed, but Victor told him that he could have just said it’s too early for that. Paulie pressed on, saying that he’ll go home no matter who he’s up against. Victor said that if that is true, why shouldn’t he just take the easiest road. Paulie questioned what the difference between a 3-2 vote would be vs a 4-1 if he still goes home, to which Victor told him that it leaves the chance of something changing and those are his insurance votes.

Victor told Paulie that when he was sent home, Paulie didn’t even give him the chance to play in the veto, while Victor did give him that chance. Victor told him that he has the chance for a jury buyback and the chance to have a round-trip ticket, while Victor said that he had to win three competitions in a row to come back. Victor went on to tell Paulie that using the veto wouldn’t be in his best interest and said that he knows Paulie wouldn’t use the veto on Paul if the roles were reversed. Paulie pleaded that he just wanted a chance, but Victor told him that he’ll get the chance to campaign all week. Victor told Paulie that Paulie screwed him, so now he’s screwing Paulie.

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Paulie talked to Corey afterwards, saying that if he does have the round-trip ticket, he’ll turn the switch back on, but for now he’ll just have to accept that he’s going home. It’ll be interesting to see if Paulie does end up campaigning against Corey after making it clear that he’d never ever do such a thing.

  • Jessica

    I hope paulie has the round trip ticket and ckme back in and take out paul and victor and i cant stand victor and if someone dont do some one of the 2 will when this game and i hate when the game is already decided

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