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Big Brother 18: Tiffany Tells All To Frank And Confronts Da’Vonne

We knew there was going to be some drama and fallout to Thursday’s blindside, but nobody expected just how much we got. After the eviction, Tiffany continued to be ostracized, which led to the meltdown that definitely will end up changing the dynamics of the house.

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

After already crying to Natalie only 15 minutes previous about feeling alone and nobody having her back, Frank decided to join her in the have-not room to discuss the vote and the current state of things in the house. What ended up happening was a tell-all and an unholy alliance forming.

Frank joined Tiffany a little after 2:40am in the have-not room while she was all alone. Tiffany asked him for the truth about what happened with Da’Vonne. Frank explained that it was exactly as he explained it to her previously, which was about Da’Vonne scheming behind both of their backs. Tiffany told him that she actually believes him and that she felt like Da’Vonne has been playing them. Tiffany begins to get a little emotional, telling Frank that they should have worked together from the beginning. Tiffany told Frank that she knows she is making a deal with the devil, but said that Da’Vonne & Company have been running the house, so she’s ready to blow up their games. Frank told her that he’s been ready to do it. Tiffany went on to tell Frank that Corey and Paulie want him out and have been plotting to get him out for weeks. Tiffany explained that even though the vote looked close, every single person was in on it and purposely made the vote look as close as it was. Tiffany told him that the only reason they decided to keep her was as a “Screw you” to him. Tiffany told Frank about the alliance between Corey, Nicole, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Da’Vonne, and that he cannot trust any of those people. Frank gave her some information as well, telling her that everyone had been talking crap behind her back too. Frank told her that they’re going to have to work together to try to get out of this, so him and Bridgette would both use the veto on her if they win it.

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After seeing Frank in the have-not room, Nicole joined as Frank decided to leave. Nicole tried asking her what was wrong and if Frank said anything to her, but Tiffany just told her that she was good. Da’Vonne decided to pop into the have-not room and tell Tiffany to meet her in the safari room in ten minutes, which led to a short awkward silence and obvious tension. After Day left, Nicole tried asking again if Tiffany was okay, but that is when Tiffany started to get an attitude with her, telling Nicole that if she wants to know what Frank told her, she should go ask him. Nicole left the room and went to go tell Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, and Michelle that Tiffany was obviously mad at her.

Da’Vonne went to have her meeting with Tiffany in the safari room, which was very confrontational from the start. Tiffany asked Da’Vonne what’s up, which Day then asked her what’s up, but Tiffany told Da’Vonne to be the one to tell her what’s up. Day began asking Tiffany why she was crying, while Tiffany asked her why she was saying what’s up. Day tried telling Tiffany that if she wasn’t going to be direct with her, then they shouldn’t even have this conversation. Tiffany then let loose, asking Da’Vonne how many direct conversations the two of them have had, how much information has she shared with her, all while they’re supposed to have a final two. Tiffany told Da’Vonne that she should have seen this coming because Day did this to her sister in the previous season when it came to creating a fake girls alliance to use against her. Tiffany told Da’Vonne that she was a silly girl to think that she had her back. Day began to grin, asking if Tiffany was serious and told her that this is why nobody has given her any information. Da’Vonne questions if she went to Frank and Bridgette, throwing them all under the bus saying that they made her going after Frank. Tiffany swears on her mother’s life that she didn’t say that.

Zakiyah joins them, also with a grin on her face, asking Tiffany if her Frank are buddies now. Tiffany explained that nobody is her buddy and that is the entire point of this conversation. Tiffany tells them that the way they have been treating her is disgusting and that she knows she’s on the outside, but if that they shouldn’t play like this and not expect it to come back to them two-fold. Tiffany explained to Da’Vonne that she feels betrayed because Frank told her information that she only gave Day, meaning she had to of told him. Da’Vonne began telling Tiffany that she knows better than to believe things like this from Frank. Tiffany told Zakiyah and Da’Vonne that she is over them, that they’re the worst and hopes that they feel good about themselves after this. As Tiffany began to break down, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah had to hold back laughter, which ended up with Zakiyah walking out of the room. Da’Vonne explained that everyone is going to shun her for acting this way. Tiffany told her that she’s already been shunned for the last two weeks. Da’Vonne went over to Tiffany’s side of the couch to comfort her, rubbing her head and telling her to just let the tears out.

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After that initial confrontation, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Nicole, and Corey spent the next hour legitimately trying to comfort her, explaining to her that they knew Frank would prey on her while she was emotionally vulnerable the way she was because Frank knew whatever he said would really resinate with her. Tiffany told Da’Vonne that she didn’t care anymore and told her about Corey telling her that she wanted to target her. Paul joined them, defending himself about the rumor she was trying to say he made up. Tiffany explained to him that she didn’t say anything about Da’Vonne, that she said it was from Frank about Da’Vonne, not to Frank about Da’Vonne.

Fast forward a couple hours and Da’Vonne stayed with Tiffany in the safari room, being friendly with her and explaining to her how her breaking down the way she did was Frank’s plan all along and that nothing he says can be trusted. Tiffany continued to say that she’s alone, but stopped crying and began talking some game with Da’Vonne. Tiffany told Da’Vonne about her distrust of Paul and about how he’s been sneaky and learning about how to play the game quick. Da’Vonne continued to talk with her, telling her that she’s glad that she woke up and can see when people are lying to her.

The nominations will be made today and the odds are Paulie will be putting her up, which means there is a good chance that last night’s drama will spill over into today. We don’t know if Tiffany will stick with the unholy alliance she made with Frank, but what we do know is that she can’t take back all that she told him. You can watch all this drama unfold yourself on the Live Feeds for FREE with a 7 day trial by signing up here.

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