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Big Brother 18: ‘The Final 4’ to Blindside James & Natalie At Eviction

This week’s eviction has the potential to be the first true blindside since Bronte was taken out months ago, but it all comes down to one person.


James, Michelle, and Natalie are completely under the assumption that Paul is going home this week and that Corey and Nicole are just staying close with Victor to protect themselves if Victor were to win this next HOH. Michelle has had her doubts about Paul being the real target, but James and Natalie both would shut the idea of her going home down as anytime she tried to bring it up.

Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor, The Final 4, know that James, Michelle, and Natalie are in the dark and Paul wants to keep it that way. He laid out his case to Corey and Nicole that if they kept James and Natalie guessing as to who goes home and then blindside them at eviction, they’d be too rattled during the actual HOH competition to focus on winning. Nicole told Paul that she’d do her best to make it hard for James or Michelle to ask her who is going home.

While James and Natalie both plan on putting at least one of Corey and Nicole up, Nicole believes that there is no way that James or Natalie wouldn’t put up Paul and Victor if they were both left in the house, leaving her to believe that they’re perfectly placed in the middle so that once Michelle leaves, they’ll be able to work with whatever side comes into power. Meaning that to protect her and Corey, Nicole could give James and Natalie a heads up that Michelle is leaving just before the actual eviction, however, we won’t know that until after the eviction itself when it’s talked about, as Nicole has talked about not telling James until  the very last minute like he did to them last week when it came to voting out Corey or not.

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