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Big Brother 18: ‘The Final 4’ Alliance Switches Targets

Corey and Nicole control the votes this week and had a different plan in mind than what Paul and Victor wanted to do, but it looks like they were able to get the two Sitting Ducks on board.


Once Corey won the veto and it was ensured that the nominations would stay the same, it was then time for Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor to decide on whether they want James or Natalie out this week. Victor’s made it clear that his target was James, but Corey and Nicole were persistent with wanting to get Natalie out this week.

Nicole told Paul and Victor that Natalie is possibly a secret genius who has been throwing competitions because she had no reason to win them. Paul began to get on board and fight for Natalie’s eviction too. Paul told Victor that James was trying to win the last two competitions and didn’t even come close while Natalie tried and came close in both the HOH and the veto. Victor caved, saying that they can send Natalie home this week, but will be livid once he ends up on the block because of James’ hand. Corey reassured him that they won’t lose this upcoming HOH.

Once it was agreed upon that they’d get Natalie out over James, the planning started. Paul told them that they should make it seem like James is going home all this week, then blindside him and Natalie at the eviction. Victor agreed, stating that it would be more than just a blindside since it would be a mental shock that James would actually have to compete in the upcoming HOH that he didn’t study for.

It’s unlikely that Corey and Nicole honor that idea of blindsiding James, as they’re going to want to protect themselves in the off-chance that James is able to beat all of them out in the upcoming HOH. It’s only Saturday, which leaves plenty of time for the target to switch again, but this is where we’re at as of the night of the veto competition.


Update: Corey told Nicole that they need to make nice with James so that he hopefully wouldn’t put them up if he were to win the veto. Later, Corey began hinting to James that he might be staying this week.

  • Justine Fourie

    Woah, is Corey starting to play the game now?!?

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