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Big Brother 18: Secret Room And Secret Power Found

Julie teased us last week about a secret room with a secret power is to be found in the house and that secret room and power have finally been found. After the houseguests were given hints to start looking around the house, someone managed to solve the riddle.

Big Brother gives the houseguests a hint - Source: CBS

Big Brother gives the houseguests a hint – Source: CBS

After searching the house for about an hour with everyone else, Paul managed to figure out that secret number that he needed to type into the house. After entering ‘211’, a voice congratulated Paul, telling him to remain calm and wait until the coast was clear before he crawled into a tunnel that was hiding behind the phone booth. Instead of waiting until the coast was clear, Paul decided to just go inside while a lot of people were watching him.

Inside the secret room were 12 cards. Each card cannot be tampered with or opened until the houseguest who owns the card is sitting next to Julie after being evicted. If the card is tampered with in any way, the card and anything that may be inside is voided. Since Paul found the room first, he could only choose one of the 12 cards. Inside one of the 12 cards was a “Round Trip ticket”, which is the ability to reenter the house after being evicted. The other 11 cards are just a “One Way ticket”, that did nothing other than confirm that the person who owned said card couldn’t return to the house. The power is only good for the next four weeks, which means that if the power isn’t used before then by someone who was evicted, nobody gets it.

Everyone saw Paul return from the tunnel. Paul lied to everyone, telling them that he might have won a round trip ticket to somewhere, but said that he wouldn’t know until he was evicted. Da’Vonne tried to question him about there being other cards, but Paul said that they were just there for him to choose from. Victor explained to everyone that if there was multiple cards but only one round trip, each of them could figure out the secret code and claim their card until they were all good. Which is exactly what they did.

Victor entered the tunnel second and claimed his card, while everyone on the outside tried figuring out the number too. Everyone realized that the upstairs Airplane had “Call Paris” on the side window, which got everyone onto the track of figuring out which number they need to dial. At this current pace, everyone will claim a card before it’s all over and someone will have the ability at a second chance if they’re the ones who get evicted within the next four weeks.


Update: Everyone now has a card. Each houseguest now has a 7.7% chance of returning if they’re evicted within the next four weeks.

  • Judy

    I wish you would talk to the HG about their foul language and tell them that if they can follow the BB Rules about the HOH Room they get an auto evict then you will loose a lot of BB followers. There are a lot of PPL angry that your NOT Practicing what you Preach in your own Rules That you make people sign to be a participant.

    • disqus_raAycvFxUp

      wtf are you talking about?

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