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Big Brother 18: Round 5 of America’s Care Package Revealed

We’ve finally made it to the last round of America’s Care Package. The houseguests have been speculating as to what the last care package will be, and they’re finally going to find out.

care package

The houseguests have been speculating that this last care package would be something huge since the fourth care package was a co-HOH. Most are expecting an HOH takeover or even the ability to cast the sole vote to evict, but that isn’t the case. This week’s care package is BB Bribe. Whoever receives the care package will get $5000 to bribe any of their fellow houseguests into doing what the care package recipient wants, such as nominating a certain person, throwing a competition, or voting a certain way.

Corey received America’s final Care Package. He’ll be given $5000 to bribe someone into making a move that benefits his game. Once the bribe has been accepeted, it is a binding contract that cannot be gone back on. Whoever accepts the bribe must do what they agreed to do in the first place.

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Being that Corey received this on Nicole’s HOH, it’s unlikely that he’ll try to bribe her into putting up nominees that she didn’t come up with herself. Corey could try to bribe James or Paul into being a pawn, or possibly bribe James or Natalie into not using the veto on Michelle if one of them were to win it. We won’t know until it has been done.

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