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Big Brother 18: Round 4 of America’s Care Package Revealed

This week’s care package is the last actual power that is up for grabs via this twist, as well as the biggest power that has been up for grabs thus far!

care package

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The recipient of this week’s care package will become co-HOH, which gives them the ability to make one of the two nominations for the week. Depending on who gets it, there is a chance that this nomination could completely alter who ends up going home on Thursday, however, it’s also possible that it makes little to no difference at all and the same two people who the HOH would have put up could end up on the block anyway.

Michelle received the co-HOH power. She’ll get to pick one of the two nominations this week, along with being completely safe from eviction and exempt from being a have-not. She’ll also get to share Natalie’s HOH room, but won’t be able to compete in next week’s HOH competition.

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Now it all comes down to who is able to get into Michelle’s ear first, as Natalie is wanting to target Paul this week while Victor and Paul are wanting Michelle to target Corey and Nicole. Michelle going into this week was wanting to target Corey and Nicole too, but currently has no idea about Natalie’s new plan.

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