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Big Brother 18: The Revolution Alliance Begins To Implode

Just when you thought we were going to make it to the first eviction of the summer without any series incidents, you have a night like last night. The entirety of the conflict was internal between The Revolution and a few of the girls that they have been working with. Although it was threatened, not once was the person this entire conflict was over was ever confronted.

Paul and Bronte from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Paul and Bronte from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

The Revolution, which is made up of Paul, Victor, and Jozea, then the girls who they’ve been also working with, Natalie and Bronte, were at the forefront of this internal conflict. It ultimately led to new eviction plans next  week and even couple racist remarks from both Bronte and Paul. We’re here to give you a recap of it all.

The epicenter of this conflict began at around 1:30am last night when Bronte told Natalie about Victor, Paul, and Jozea not taking too kindly to Bronte asking them to tone down the rudeness for the sake of Natalie. A rant that lasted about 10 minutes began, which mainly about Victor criticizing Natalie’s pants that were too long and eating too much cheese. The person who ends up taking the brunt of all this, James, had little to nothing to do with it. He was just in the room when Jozea happened to stop by.

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Jozea joined them in the back bedroom at around 1:44am. He heard them talking about Victor, so Natalie explained to him that she didn’t like his tone or the rude things he has been saying to her recently. After being told that, Jozea went back to Victor and Paul in the safari room to tell them that Natalie didn’t like the way he has been talking to her. Victor and Paul both said that Natalie is just salty that she likes him and he backed away and no longer flirts with her. Jozea and Paul both tell Natalie that for the sake of their alliance and Jozea staying, he needs to go have a talk with her.

Victor went and plucked Natalie from the back bedroom to have a conversation with her at 1:46am. Victor explained to her that he doesn’t hate her, that he was meaning to be playful but it came out wrong. Natalie told him that some of the things he said came off as mean, insensitive, and just aren’t what she’s used to hearing. Victor went on to say that Jozea can be rude to her but she doesn’t say anything, but when he does, she gets upset because of who he is. Natalie tried explaining that she looks at Jozea as a girlfriend, but Victor wasn’t accepting that. Natalie told him that she just wants him to treat her like he would his mother or sister. Victor said that this is literally how he speaks to them, so technically he already has been. Victor told her that he didn’t want her to feel any other type of way than “I like Victor. He is awesome”. Natalie told him it was okay and forgave him. However, that was far from the end of things.

While Victor’s conversation with Natalie was underway, Paul was already starting to get heated in the backyard because of comments Jozea heard Bronte make, then ended up relaying them back to Paul. Paul told him that she shouldn’t tell him he’s immature when she is 26, sounds like a 4 year old, and dresses like a 13 year old. Victor then joined them in the backyard. He was met with Jozea telling him that he understands the feminist power thing, but Bridgette is doing too much and can’t be trusted. Paul then begins ranting about being told they were having “girl time” when he walked into the room with Natalie, Bronte, Tiffany, Michelle, Bridgette, and James.

At 1:55am, Paul went to grab Bronte so that her and the three boys could take outside. Jozea and Paul both begin their rant against James, with Jozea saying that he didn’t like James making any comment while he was talking with Natalie and Paul saying he didn’t like being told by James that they were having “girl time”. Bronte jumped on board, saying that James is just trying to break them apart by telling Natalie that Victor asked Nicole on a date, knowing that Natalie has a crush on Victor. Paul and Victor both say that they want to confront James, with Paul even saying that he wants to fight James and Victor saying he wanted to break a pool stick over James’ head. Paul began telling them that he knew James was the mastermind and now they have to believe him. Bronte says that she does, but now she’ll go calm Natalie down so that this doesn’t spiral out of control. Victor told Bronte that she is clearly more useful inside than she is in the backyard, so she should get back into the house. Bronte clearly didn’t like the way he spoke to her, but headed back inside.

Meanwhile, Paul let his racist remark slip, referring to James as “The little Korean man”. Paul went on to complain about putting too much responsibility in Bronte’s hands in regards to the girls because she was supposed to be the leader of the females.

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After listening to Paul and Victor’s rants, Jozea headed back inside to do damage control with Natalie. Jozea told Natalie that he understands the feminist thing, but says that she can’t have two different reactions to people being rude to her just because Victor is a guy. Jozea tried writing off Natalie’s moodiness by saying “I know there is the time of the month thing”, but Nataile wasn’t having that. She stopped him in his tracks, telling him that it had nothing to do with anything.

Bronte and Jozea headed back outside afterwards, pouring gasoline on the fire by telling Paul that James made another comment while Jozea was trying to speak with Natalie. Natalie joined them outside within minutes. Paul referred to Jame as “the little Korean man” for the second time, but Natalie stopped him, telling him that he can’t say things like that. Paul again focused his anger on the eviction, saying that if Jozea does end up being the one to go home because of this, he’s going to punch someone and get arrested for it. Natalie said that this is a dirty game and that she thought James was her best friend.

After finishing their talk with the boys, Natalie and Bronte headed back inside to talk about their distrust of Bridgette. Jozea joined them, saying that Bridgette is a bitch. What then followed is Bronte’s second racist comment about James. When talking to Natalie regarding James’ betrayal, she said “I will send you back to Hong Kong”. This was said at 2:47am on cameras three and four.

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These last few conversations were wrapped up with Jozea telling Paul and Victor that they have to be strong, otherwise they could end up putting his chance of staying in jeopardy. They did agree that this will spill over into tomorrow with many awkward tensions looming around.


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