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Big Brother 18: Week 10 POV Competition Plans

Each of the houseguests have a different plan going into the POV competition each week, so we’re here to break down those plans so that you know what to expect based on who wins.

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Nicole’s plan this week is to send Michelle home while attempting to keep her word to both Paul and Victor, along with James and Natalie. However, she’s willing to send James or Natalie home if either of those two were to use the veto and pull Michelle off after they were told not to. Nicole has said that a best case scenario would be for Victor to win the veto, pull Paul down, and thus they’ll never have to reveal to James and Natalie that Paul was never her target.

Both Corey and Nicole have plans to throw the veto to Victor to ensure that their plan comes to fruition. If Paul wins the veto, James and Natalie will expect Victor to go up, but it is likely to be James or Natalie, as Nicole has said that it’s better to draw a line in the sand than to get caught in the middle. If Victor wins the veto, he’ll take Paul down.

James and Natalie both plan to keep the nominations the same if they were to win the veto because they believe that there is no way that they target couldn’t be Paul. Both have said that they’d take Corey’s bribe to not use the veto, locking the nominations in place for Thursday. Michelle has even encouraged them to take the bribe if they were to win the veto

The likely replacement nominee if Paul were to come down is Natalie, as it’s someone who Nicole said that she isn’t scared of. It’s also possible that she puts up James and uses the excuse that he’s never been nominated before. If Michelle pulls herself down, Nicole and Corey would have to decide on which side they’re going to be loyal to and send the other home. However, it sounds like they’re leaning towards sending Natalie home since it would mean that James would be able to be drawn in closer.

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