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Big Brother 18: Paul’s Fight With James, Michelle, and Natalie

We’re only a few hours away from tonight’s eviction, but that didn’t stop another argument breaking out just before the feeds went down for tonight’s show.


It all got started when Victor told James that he knows Corey and Nicole are working with Paul because Corey and Nicole told Paul about James being paranoid that they’re working together, to which Paul then relayed to Victor. James told him that he isn’t paranoid and wanted to confront Paul about it, so that is what he did.

After James confronted Paul with the fact Paul was telling people that James was paranoid, Paul told James that he didn’t say Corey said anything to him, just that James was paranoid in general because Paul said the heard them talking about him. This is when Michelle chimed in and things got a little ugly. Here’s the transcript;

Michelle: You (Paul) have been paranoid the whole week. Lol.

-Paul ignored her

Michelle: You were talking about backdooring James.

-Paul ignored her again

Michelle (sarcastically): He (Paul) totally had your back, James.

-Paul ignored her again

Michelle: The (Paul) bigger liar and manipulator in the house.

Paul: Hey, bud. I’m pretty sure that i’m not talking to you, so why don’t you mind your own business?

Michelle: I don’t care. You’re the biggest baby in this house.

Paul: Why don’t you go put on more fake tanner?

Michelle: No you are (the biggest baby). “I get mad because of laundry”. Don’t touch my clothes.

Paul: I said that I got mad because of the way that you were talking to me because you have no right to talk to me that way. Again, i’m not talking to you, so mind your own business.

Michelle: You mind your own business.

-Paul tried talking to James again

Michelle: And don’t touch my clothes.

Paul: I’ll touch them again.

Michelle: I’ll burn all of yours.

Paul: Try. Self evict. Good one.

Michelle: Your bougie ass clothes.

Paul: My “bougie clothes”? Just like i’m an atheist?

Michelle: I never said atheist.

Paul: You think you can talk to anybody how you want with no repercussions, you dont know who the fuck I am. Don’t talk to me that way.

Michelle: That is how you think too!

Paul: Really? How did I talk to you? When have I ever spoken to you in any way? When have I ever disrespected you?

Michelle: All the time!

Paul: You’re a f-cking c-nt, so i’m going to say that to your f-cking face. Don’t speak to me that way.

Michelle: Haha. Get that, America. No care package for someone who calls someone that!

Paul: You deserve it. Based off… Let’s talk about all the things you’ve said about other people, bud.

Michelle: Yeah? Then you too!

Paul: Really? Then go ahead. Let me know. What have I said about people? You’re a f-cking bully. You just talk to people.. you talk down to people.

Michelle: Who do I talk down to?! That’s what you’re doing right now!

Paul: That’s why people say stuff behind your back, buddy. You’re a terrible person.

Michelle: I don’t care.

Paul: You like to kick people while they’re down and then you cry about it later.

Michelle: No I don’t.

Paul: So next time I tell you don’t speak to me that way..

Michelle: If you’re trying to hurt me when i’m down, that’s fine.

Paul: I’m not hurting you when you’re down.

Michelle: You just called me the C word. That has never ever slipped from my mouth.

Paul: Yeah, and i’ll say it again.

Michelle: I have never called anyone a bitch like you have. I never called anyone the C word.

Paul: Who did I call a bitch?

Michelle: You called me a bitch, you called Natalie a bitch, you called Nicole a bitch.

Paul: When did I call you a bitch? When did I call Nicole a bitch?

Michelle: All the time!

Paul: All the time? When?

Michelle: See. This is what you do. You pretend like you don’t what anyone is talking about, then you pretend to lie.

Paul: I’m not pretending, bud. I was talking to James, I calmly told you to mind your own business.

Michelle: I don’t care. This is exactly how you talk your way out of stuff. This is how you talk your way through school.

Paul: Did you go to my school, bud?

-Michelle left the kitchen

After that argument, Paul went back to talking to James. Paul told James that he never had a problem with him up until the events of last week. Natalie joined the argument, telling Paul that James had no influence over what decisions were made.  Paul told Natalie that he has his own thoughts and opinions when it comes to the idea that the two of them are playing two separate games. Natalie told Paul that he had lost her a trust a long time ago and that is why he ended up on the block. James told Paul that as soon as he won veto, he abandoned Victor. Paul told James he thought they were together, then James’ attitude changed towards him.

This is when James started pressing the issue about Paul mistreating Victor, to which Paul played along just as he had planned last night. James told Paul that Victor feels like Paul has been crapped on. Paul told him that it’s just James’ paranoid setting it. James told him that he’s just telling Paul about how Victor feels. Natalie got another word in, but Paul told her that it was Michelle who told him after nominations that Natalie made her nominate him. Natalie denied, saying that she can’t force anyone to do anything. Paul tried telling James that he knows James has sway in what decisions are made, but Natalie continued to deny it. James went on to say that he’s willing to throw himself under the bus by saying that it was Natalie who fought for Victor to stay while James just didn’t think it was best for their  game. Natalie confirmed that she did fight for Victor, all while Corey listened in on their conversation.

Natalie told Paul that she doesn’t respect his game because he’s playing dirty by saying he wanted to sabotage Corey and Nicole’s studying. Paul told her that she was apart of that conversation too. When Paul said that Natalie wants him gone, she started to deny it, saying that she put Victor up, not him. When Paul pressed, Natalie told him that if he’s so smart, he can put two and two together. Natalie then told Corey that Paul said he said she was blowing James to the top. Corey told her that he never said that. Paul told her that he must have made it up then. Natalie left the kitchen.

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