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Big Brother 18: Paulie Gets Called Out In Front Of Everyone

It’s not even noon yet and it’s already been an extremely eventful day in the Big Brother house. James, Michelle, Natalie, Paul, and Victor put together a plan to rattle Paulie before the veto competition and they actually went through with it.

The plan to call Paulie out in front of everyone was a strategy that Paul came up with in hopes of rattling Paulie before the veto competition was played. After seeing that Paulie lost three competitions in a row after being blindsided at Zakiyah’s eviction, they figured that rattling Paulie is something that actually works. So after veto players were chosen, that is exactly what they did.

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The mayhem started at about 9:32am this morning. Paul kicked everything off by telling Paulie that he’s hearing that Paulie is trying to tell everyone that he’s the one who started the all guys alliance. Paulie denied ever saying such a thing, which is when Michelle jumped in to defend Paulie, which only made an argument between the two of them break out. Paul told him that he grew a distaste for James because of what Paulie told him and James grew a distaste for him because of what Paulie has been saying. Paulie asked Paul to list off times that he has ever said anything bad about James, but as Paul started to, Paulie got really loud.

Paulie was making it clear to James, Paul, and Victor that he was intending to stay loyal to the guys no matter what. Michelle chimed in again, telling Paulie and the guys that Paulie has been in several alliance behind all of their backs. James brought up Paulie always talking about Natalie’s boobs and the fact that he was making comments about her butt and talking about a spot in the house to be the right place to kiss. James told Paulie that he knows that James would never make comments like that towards his girl. Paulie defending himself by saying that the comment about her boobs was a joke and that he’s flirtatious with all the girls that way.  Paulie turned it on James, telling James that he knows he backstabbed him because he knew Paulie was always going to be loyal. James told him that he knows that he’s been throwing his name around.

James put Paulie on the spot about The Board, telling him that he knows about the three person alliance that he made with Paul and Victor. Paulie justified it by telling him that they were going to have no choice but to turn on each other once the guys made it down to final five. Paulie started talking about loyalty and how he’s done nothing but be loyal to the guys, but Michelle interrupted, telling him that if he says “loyalty” one more time, she was going to shoot herself. Michelle went on to call Paulie out for talking about working with her and recently as last night. James questioned Paulie how he could have a final two with him, but then have two other final twos with the other side. Paulie told him that they made their final two at the beginning, so James should have known that he’d of rode that out.

Paul jumped in, telling Paulie that it scares him that he know that the four other guys in their alliance could say that they’ve never said someone from their alliance’s name as a target, but Paul told Paulie that he bets he wouldn’t be able to say that. Paul told Paulie that he commends him for convincing five people to be his ride or die, but said that it has caught up to him. Victor agreed, saying he commends Paulie’s game, but he was caught on both sides. This circle continued for about another 15 minutes before it was only just Paul and Victor left arguing with Paulie, which they ended up saying they know it’s a game and hugged it out.

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Afterwards, there was plenty of followup conversations, mostly between Corey, James, and Paulie, who are attempting a plan to rope James in so that if one of them comes down, they have the votes to evict the replacement. Catch up on all of that by clicking here. Everything comes down to the veto competition, however, as Paulie might have just put the final nail on his coffin.

  • William

    This shit just seems like they’re straight group-harassing Paulie for the fuck of it.

    • Boss_E

      They weren’t, you can’t harass people that keep coming to you to argue…I wish he’d get over it. Someone tell Paulie this is just a game.

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