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Big Brother 18: Paulie Exchanges Words With Zakiyah

An unusual confrontation happened last night that involved two people who had not only been working together, but who were also seen as a showmance by a lot in the house. Paulie has taken a few of Zakiyah’s comments personally recently, so he let her know about it.

Zakiyah Everette from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Zakiyah Everette from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

For the most part, the exchange was mostly one-sided, with Paulie usually talking over Zakiyah and not letting her get out more than a couple sentences at a time. It all began around 3:05 this morning in the safari room. Zakiyah asked Paulie if he was okay, but Paulie told him that he’s fine, but it’s the petty comments she makes in front of everyone like she did in front of Natalie earlier saying “Natalie, you’re good at painting nails. Paulie, you want your’s done?”, knowing that they had just had a mini-argument over something similar.

Zakiyah explained to Paulie that her statement was genuine, that Natalie actually is good at painting nails and that she has noticed Paulie was picking at his fingers this week. Zakiyah added that she didn’t have any malicious intent and would have liked for him to come talk to her if he thought it did. Paulie told her that this isn’t the first time she’s made a comment to get a rise out of him, pointing out that she talks bad about athletes in front of him, knowing that he was one and takes that personally.

Zakiyah’s voice began to shake, telling Paulie that their relationship is business and that they don’t have to be acting this way because it’s making her feel uncomfortable. This set Paulie off. Paulie told her that she better not dare say that he makes her uncomfortable, when a girl can’t even look at him a certain way or touch him without her getting mad or jealous about it. Paulie told her that he stuck his neck out for her since she didn’t want to go on the block. Zakiyah began to cry, which Paulie said he should probably just walk out, but he didn’t. Paulie told her that he’s sorry if he hurt her feelings, but that he doesn’t like her saying he made her uncomfortable, when uncomfortable is how Victor is making Natalie feel and how Frank made Da’Vonne feel by touching her butt.

Zakiyah told Paulie that she doesn’t talk about anything other than nice things about him to anyone, that she really is here to help him. Paulie told her that he understands, that he’s sorry for hurting her feelings, and reassured her that they’re both sitting pretty with five strong players who have their back. Paulie gave Zakiyah a pep talk about thinking about winning rather than thinking too much about the losses.

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After their argument came to a close, Paulie turned some of his anger onto us, the viewers. He said that nobody knows what it’s like inside the house other than people who’ve been on the show before, so he doesn’t give a crap about anyone who’s watching opinion. Paulie told Zakiyah that he doesn’t give a f-ck what anybody on the outside thinks, that they can hate him because he doesn’t care since we’re not his friends. Paulie then called us mother f-ckers and that if we were under a camera 24/7, they’d find out so messed up things about us too. Paulie and Zakiyah ended their long conversation with a hug goodnight.

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