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Big Brother 18: Paulie and Paul Discuss Future Targets

Paulie has been running the house for the last few weeks with Paul as his sidekick. The pair decided to use their last night in the private HOH bedroom to discuss future plans and they ended up discussing turning on a couple of people that they’re currently close to.

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The plans that were made hinge on Da’Vonne going home tonight and not coming back with the round-trip ticket. While these plans won’t completely go away, they’ll at least be getting pushed back a full week if Da’Vonne were to return. Paulie and Paul also both believe that the double eviction is today, so that also skews their plans a bit.

They met up in the HOH bedroom at just before one in the morning. Paul kicked off the conversation by telling Paulie that has been feeding information and pouring gas on Bridgette’s fire so that she’s ready to go after the girls for them. Paulie reported to Paul that James told Corey that he isn’t going to try to win today’s HOH. That pissed Paul off, saying that it’s selfish of him to try to lay low while Paul just risked his game. Paulie told him that James might have just been messing around and said that he’ll talk to James about it before today’s competition.

Paul told Paulie that they needed to keep in mind what Frank said about the veterans being closer than what they thought, so once they are to get Da’Vonne out tonight, they should think about getting out anther returnee. Paulie said that they should get Nicole out since it would bring Corey back to them, but Paul told him that it should be James since they need to start thinking about people they couldn’t beat down the road. Paul explained by saying that they’d be able to mold Nicole while James is set in his ways. Paulie told Paul that they’d have to clip someone Nicole either before or after they send James home so that they don’t have two people mad at them. Both agreed that they’d have to get Victor to be the person to put up Nicole and James, since they said that Nicole is the only person that they’d have the votes to get James out and that they couldn’t personally put them up because they’d be going against Corey too much.

Paulie started to pitch to Paul that it would be smarter to get all the girls out, leaving them with an all guy final five since all the girls are mental competition threats. Paulie said that if they were going swap out one guy, they could take Natalie with them to the final five instead of James. Paul said that they could then have Corey go after Victor, which would leave the final four being Corey, Natalie, Paulie, and Paul. Paulie also told Paul that leaving Corey and Nicole together is dangerous since the two talk about everything each person tells them. Paulie explained to Paul that if they were to get Nicole out, they wouldn’t have to worry about James since the returnees alliance would be done. Paul said that they’d just have to get either Bridgette or Victor to be the one to take Nicole out for them.

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All of these plans completely hinge on everything going their way for the rest of the season. They’re banking on not a single girl wins anything other than the ones that they purposely throw the competition to. Michelle, for example, is someone who has vowed to put up two strong guys and not allow anyone to influence her HOH, which could spell trouble for Paulie and Paul. We’ll figure out tonight if their plans will continue to move forward or if an unexpected HOH winner will put a halt on their agenda.

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