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Big Brother 18: Paul Ready To Turn On James and Natalie

James and Natalie have been plotting Paul and Victor’s demise while simultaneously trying to keep the two boys in the dark, but Paul managed to catch on earlier today.


The plan going into this week was to target Corey and Nicole, but after Nicole got into Natalie’s ear, that all changed. The target that Natalie wanted out the most was Paul, but after he won veto, she had no choice but to accept that he cannot go this week. While Natalie didn’t at first want Victor gone, James convinced her that taking him out now would be best for their game, otherwise James said, Paul and Victor would run the house for the rest of the game and they wouldn’t have an opportunity to take him out again.

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While Michelle was originally brought in on the plan to target Paul, after the nominations were made, Paul swayed both Michelle and Natalie that they made a mistake and to target Corey. James was able to keep Natalie on board with targeting Paul, but Michelle was dead set on the new plan to backdoor Victor, with both James and Natalie leaving her in the dark on the plan to evict Victor after Paul had won the veto.

However, Paul has caught onto this new plan. Just after 5pm this afternoon, Paul came to Victor to tell him that he believes what they’re being fed is a lie, that the plan is to get the two of them out and Michelle is being left in the dark about it all. Victor questioned if Paul that he was the original plan, but since Paul won veto, they might just take Victor out instead. Paul told him that he had a strong feeling that that was the case. Paul pointed out that James had a deal with Corey and Paulie, which means that even though Paulie is gone, Corey and James could still be cool. Paul told Victor that he no longer trusts James or Natalie anymore at all.

Paul told Victor that they need to make sure that Michelle puts up Corey, then Paul said that he’ll have a talk with Natalie where he’ll reiterate that he’d never go after James and even James said that he knows that. Victor told him that all he can do since he’s stuck on the block is be friendly. Paul agreed, saying that next week, they know what they have to do, insinuating that they need to put up James and Natalie like Paul brought up just a couple days ago.

  • Willma Jones

    I’m enjoying this season even more than last season. Hg’s aren’t afraid to do what’s best for their games. Can’t wait to see who’s evicted Thursday & who’s coming back in!

    • remnant1988

      And dumb James thinks no buy back. I’m laughing at his stubbornness.. he may go in the DE

  • Michael Riggans

    I had reservations about Natalie and Michelle’s game nominating Vic and Paul but even though I don’t think they both will win at least they made a big move.

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