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Big Brother 18: Paul Makes His Pitch To Corey and Nicole

We’re getting down to crunch time as we’re less than 24 hours from tomorrow’s HOH competition that’ll put someone new in power. Paul finally made his pitch to Corey and Nicole that he had planned, and it seemed to have worked.


Paul came to Nicole with the idea just before 6:35pm earlier this evening. Nicole made Paul wait until Corey was finally able to join them. Paul told Corey and Nicole that James and Natalie aren’t going to waste an HOH on him when there is a couple left in the house next week. Paul explained that James and Natalie were even pitching the two of them as targets this week. Paul told them that after he had won the veto, Michelle and Natalie were claiming that putting him and Victor up was a mistake and blamed it all on the lies that Corey and Nicole had apparently told them. Paul went on to tell them that he called them out because James, Michelle, and Natalie wanted him to.

Paul told Corey and Nicole that James and Natalie are going to pretend like it’s James, Corey, and Nicole vs Paul in this upcoming HOH, but Paul said that he’d be stupid to take a shot at Nicole when she isn’t a threat to him. Paul told them that James and Natalie have roped in Michelle as their #3. Paul explained that James is going to throw the HOH to them, have them take Paul out, then it’ll be James, Michelle, and Natalie all competing in the following HOH against just Corey, leaving her and Corey open to be taken out. Paul told Corey and Nicole that James and Natalie are going to try to sell them on the idea of sending him home, which would mean that it would be them two vs James, Michelle, and Natalie.

Nicole asked Paul if James and Natalie really tried making a final four with him and Victor. Paul confirmed that they did. Nicole told him that James and Natalie are in the middle of the house trying to get them to fire at each other. Paul told Corey and Nicole that if they want to use him as a number, he said the he doesn’t owe James and Natalie anything.

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After Paul had left, Corey and Nicole were given a chance to discuss what they should do. Nicole told Corey that she wants Michelle gone next, but said that she’s afraid to win because of what Paul said about the following week leaving James, Michelle, and Natalie all open to compete. Nicole told Corey that James has placed himself in the middle of everything, making it so that he doesn’t ever have to win anything.

Nicole asked Corey what he was thinking. Corey told her that they need to put Michelle and Natalie up with the intention of sending Michelle home since she’s a number for them. Corey added that they need Paul in the house. Nicole agreed, saying that if they don’t have Paul, it’ll be James, Michelle, and Natalie, which would be trouble for them.

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