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Big Brother 18: Paul Explains Himself to Michelle and Natalie

After Nicole got into Natalie’s ear that Paul had been leaking information about James to Paulie, Natalie believed her and nominated Paul because of it, but once Paul got the chance to defend himself, he might have swayed Michelle and Natalie back to his side.


Directly following the nominations, Paul had a heated conversation with Michelle and Natalie in the kitchen in front of everyone, but once they had calmed down, Paul went upstairs to have a civil discussion with them on what went wrong and why he ended up on the block when they were supposed to be working together.

After arriving upstairs with James, Michelle, and Natalie, Paul asked the trio who was the person who boned him. Natalie told him that she just heard that he had told Paulie some stuff. Paul told them that he knows who she’s talking about and said that Corey and Nicole are full of crap. Nicole questioned how Nicole could make something like that up, to which Paul asked her if she thought that Corey and Nicole were stupid and didn’t know that they were the targets that had nothing to lose. Paul explained to them that when he said that he was committed to them, he meant it.

Paul told Natalie that after Paulie had pulled him aside before the eviction, he ran to James to tell him about what was said. Paul told James that he never threw his name out, that Paulie is the one who told him that they’d need to target Corey and James once they got to final five. Michelle started to defend Paul, telling James that Paul could have backdoored him instead of Da’Vonne if it were true that Paul was working against them. Michelle told Paul that if he or Victor win the veto, Corey and Nicole are the only options left for replacement.

Natalie questioned Paul if he told Paulie that James wanted Corey and Nicole out. Paul told her that he didn’t, that it didn’t make any sense for him to throw away his game like that for the 10% chance that Paulie did end up having the round trip ticket. Paul told them to think logically, think about why Corey and Nicole would tell them that. Paul explained that Corey and Nicole both knew that they were targets. Natalie told Paul that he’s a bigger threat than Corey and Nicole in competitions since she was able to beat them. Paul told her that she just beat him too. Paul told them that he isn’t trying to make them regret their decision, just doesn’t want them to get screwed over by Corey and Nicole.

Natalie told Paul that if what he’s saying is true, she’s sorry and said that there is still a backdoor option. Natalie asked if Corey and Nicole are after James, to which Paul told her that if anyone is after James, it’ll be those two. Paul told them that if there is one thing that they were to take away from this conversation, it would be to work with Victor since he’s a good loyal guy. Natalie began to cry, expressing her regret over her nomination choice. Paul told her not to worry about, that she had nothing to apologize for and that he had no hostility towards her. Natalie told him that there is still a backdoor option if he wins the veto. Natalie asked if Corey has said anything bad about her, to which Michelle answered it for Paul, saying that Corey has always talked bad about her. Natalie told them that this is making her wants to backdoor Corey. Natalie continued to apologize to Paul, but Paul told her not to worry about it.

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After Paul had left, James told Natalie that Big Brother history has proven that it isn’t smart to go back on a decision after their mind is made up. Michelle disagreed, telling James that 48 hours ago their mind was made up that they’d target Corey and Nicole. Michelle told them that she wanted to nominate Corey and Nicole this week, but it was Natalie’s HOH and she wanted to respect that. James said that they need to put their emotions aside and think who the bigger threat is, to which Natalie told him that Corey has proven he can win competitions when he needs to. Michelle told James that it’s not just physical competitors that they need to be thinking about, pointing to the fact that Corey and Nicole were so easily able to turn them against two of their allies.

Michelle told James and Natalie that she’d like Nicole gone this week because Michelle said that she knows Nicole is the mastermind and the actual snake. James told them that they’d need to get reassurances from Paul and Victor that they wouldn’t hold this week against him. Corey and Nicole came and interrupted their chat after that, putting an end to any further game talk.

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