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Big Brother 18: Paul Executes Plan To Turn Bridgette Against Frank

It’s been a pretty busy week in the Big Brother house and yesterday was no exception. Last night Paul, Paulie, and Da’Vonne devised a plan to turn Bridgette against Frank in hopes that she latches onto them and gives them all the information they need before they evict her.

Bridgette Dunning from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Bridgette Dunning from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

Paul had his mind set on exposing Frank, despite the fact that they had the votes secured to send him home this week. Da’Vonne, Paul, and Paulie planned a fake vote flip to present to Bridgette and an act of kindness since they’re hearing she wanted to go home, so that is exactly what Paul did.

Their plan began at around 3:15 earlier this morning. Paul told Bridgette that the vote was set for Frank to go home, but then everyone began hearing that she wanted to go home and now Paul said that he’s hearing of a vote flip. Paul explained to Bridgette that everyone is flipping their vote to evict her because Frank is telling them that she doesn’t even want to be in the house. Bridgette told him that she does want to stay and that she had no idea that Frank was saying these things since they had an agreement not to campaign against each other. Bridgette told Paul that Frank has just been telling her that the vote is likely to be 7-2 and is telling her what she should do next week. Paul told her that it’s likely to be 7-2 to evict her now and that everything he’s telling her to do is falling on deaf ears because Frank is actually planning for her to be gone next week.

Paul’s voice began to raise and he started berating Bridgette. Paul told her that when she started hanging out with Frank, her narcissism, ego, and snootiness all went up. Paul told her that she only won the veto because he let her, that Frank only wanted to take her and Bronte to the end because they’d be easy to beat, and that Frank putting her up as the Roadkill nominee wasn’t strategy. Paul went on to tell her that people look at her cute little attitude and and constant baking as a charade. Paul told Bridgette that the only way she stays now is if she either calls out Frank or gives them enough information to warrant them protecting her in their alliance. Paul finally told her that if it wasn’t for him coming to tell her all of this, she’d of went home on Thursday.

Paul asked Bridgette why Frank was throwing Nicole and Corey under the bus. Bridgette explained that they’re playing both sides and that what Frank told Da’Vonne during the HOH was true because she had seen it happen. Paul asked what Corey did, but Bridgette just told him that he was guilty by association for hanging out with Nicole so much. Bridgette told Paul that Frank said she should put up James and Nicole if she were to win HOH. Paul told her that her best plan of action moving forward is to ignore, avoid, and stay away from Frank.

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After Paul finished berating her, Bridgette went inside to talk to Paulie, Da’Vonne, Victor, and Zakiyah about everything. Bridgette asked them if they all knew what was going on this whole time and then told them that she’s the only one who didn’t know and that she’s so gullible. Victor explained to Bridgette that this is why the majority wants Frank out, because if he can’t be loyal to his closest ally, he won’t be loyal to anyone. Everyone in the room confirmed to her that Frank had been campaigning to them, telling them that Bridgette doesn’t even want to be in the house, so they might as well do what she wants and vote her out.


After a few hours had passed at around 5:40 in the morning, Frank and Bridgette finally found time to talk. Frank knew that she was upset with him for thinking that he was campaigning against her, which he told her wasn’t true, but Bridgette started giving him the silent treatment. Frank asked if Paul told her that he said that she didn’t want to be in the house, to which Bridgette confirmed and said that she believes him since everyone else confirmed that he did it too. Frank told her that she needs to trust him, that he’s been completely honest with her this entire time. Frank explained to her that he had only asked two people about their vote and that’s because he’d look like crap on TV if he didn’t ask at least one person about it.

Frank explained to Bridgette that he had never campaigned to get her out, that Paulie overheard them joking about neither of them wanting to waste away in jury, so Paulie took that fact that she said she didn’t want to be in jury and ran with it, not him. Frank told Bridgette that she’s his bestfriend in the house and right now he cares more about her being upset than going home. Bridgette told Frank that she was hurt that he really made it seem like she wanted to go home. Frank told her that he never did that, that she cannot believe the word of Da’Vonne, someone who wants him gone more than anything else on earth. Bridgette told Frank that she just feels dumb about saying the things she did about him in the DR. Frank told her not to because he had been saying the same things, that all he talks about in the DR now is their relationship.

While this conversation between Frank and Bridgette was going on, Paul was bragging to Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Paulie, and Victor about how he ruined Bridgette, blew her mind and ruined her life. The others were all laughing about it and making fun of her squeaky voice.

Meanwhile, Bridgette began opening up to Frank, telling him that apparently he’s getting her in trouble because people don’t like her when she hangs out with him and says that she’s more cocky when they’re together. Frank told her that she just feels more comfortable when she’s with him because he’s the only one who is nice to her while everyone else won’t even talk to her. Frank told Bridgette that she had no reason to be upset because she was still going to be his ride or die.

  • Justine Fourie

    Of course the coward only berated Brid when Frank wasn’t around. What a POS. That’s the part of BB I don’t like. Lie, cheat, whatever, but don’t brag about “ruining her life.” I was never on the Paul train but now I want him out. It would be great for him and Paulie to be on the block together, but it does not seem like that is going to happen.

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