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Big Brother 18: Paul Discusses His Game Moving Forward

Paul has started to catch onto the fact that Victor is likely to go home this week, making him have to plan his next set of moves. He went over what he intends to do last night while talking to the live feeders in the lounge.


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Paul went into the lounge to talk to the viewers at home just after 3:45am earlier this morning. He opened it up by saying that he’s pretty sure that Victor is going to end up going home this week because Natalie and James are liars. Paul explained that he has a feeling the Corey, Nicole, James, and Natalie all have been working together, while Michelle is on the outside of that four since nobody tells her anything. He added that if Victor goes, he’s screwed, so he asked America to hook him up with a care package.

Paul said that he believes Victor will leave this week and said that James and Nicole are only acting like he isn’t so that they can play both sides of the house.  Paul said that his best bet moving forward would be to side with one of the couples and convince them to take shots at each other or he said that he could collude with Michelle, both split up to join one couple, and both work to get the one couple to target the other.

Paul went on to say that regardless of whether Victor stays or goes, he’ll be taking a shot at Natalie and James if he wins HOH or gets a care package that lets him put people up. Paul explained that James and Natalie have been laying low this whole time, saying that he thinks it’s about time for someone to put James on the block for the first time and said that Natalie has just pretending to be dumb the entire time while manipulating people. Paul stated that his goal to get get James or Natalie out and do as much damage as he can before they’re able to evict him.

Paul began to talk about his disdain for Michelle, saying that it’s only a matter of time before he gives Michelle an ear full for all the back handed comments she’s made towards him, but began to realize that it’s probably in his best interest to take Michelle to the final two since Paul said that he could beat her. Paul added that working with her is out of the equation since he said that she’s useless, citing that she can’t win competitions, has loose lips, and isn’t loyal, so his best move regarding her would be to let her float to the end for a final two with him.

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