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Big Brother 18: Paul Confronts Frank For Campaigning

It was an absolutely crazy night on the live feeds as everybody decided to stay up all night after sleeping all day while they waited for the veto. Everyone stayed up long enough for at least one houseguest to get irritable enough to confront someone.

Paul Abrahamian from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Paul Abrahamian from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

With Frank being nominated and Michelle winning veto, it is to be expected that he’s going to at least try to get her to take someone off, but Paul didn’t take too kindly to that. When Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, James, and Paul tried to interrupt, Frank asked them if he could speak alone with the veto winner, which Paul took as a sign that Frank was trying to get him nominated. After that, Paul told everyone that he was going to blow Frank’s crap up once he got out of the safari room with Michelle.

Paul ended up finally confronting Frank at 4:51 in the morning. Paul started questioning what Frank’s motives were when talking to Michelle and questioned his end game. Frank told asked Paul why he’s so worried when Frank isn’t even the one who puts up the replacement nominee and he wasn’t even speaking to who could put up the replacement nominee. Paul explained to Frank that it’s because he’s worried that Frank is trying to save himself and get him nominated in his place. Frank told Paul that he never said his name and questioned why Paul would think that. Paul explained to Frank that he’s been up three weeks in a row, which Paul says was likely because of Frank. Frank told him that wasn’t true, that Paul went up week one because they thought he would use the veto on Jozea if he won it, went up the second time because he could compete will, and went up the third time because he could compete well against Tiffany in the veto, which Frank told Paul that he already knew about.

Paul tried telling Frank that he just doesn’t get how he can say things and try to get things to change, but Frank started raising his voice, telling Paul that he’s on the block and questioned if he’s wanting him to just lay over and go out without a fight. Paul told Frank that he doesn’t want that, just doesn’t want him throwing his name under the bus. Frank told Paul that he isn’t throwing his name under the bus, but Paul asked how he’s supposed to know that when he sees Frank pulling people into rooms where he doesn’t know what is being said. Frank told him that he doesn’t know and will just have to trust him. Frank asked Paul if he wanted to talk one on one and not in front of the whole house, to which Paul agreed.

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In private, Frank explained to Paul that his plan was to get Da’Vonne nominated and sent home, not him. Paul asked Frank how he was suppose to know that when he’s having private confrontations that he’s not privy to. Frank explained all of his issues with Da’Vonne to Paul, from her pinning him and Tiffany against each other, to her lying to people about him being after them. After Victor joined them and Frank explained to Paul why he didn’t tell him when he won Roadkill the first week, Paul finally calmed down and went back to acting like he’s working with Frank.


This confrontation was in front of the entire house. Not a single person was asleep or not in-the-know about what was happening. After the private conversation with Frank, Paul told everyone in Paulie’s alliance about it, including Da’Vonne, who said that she’s also going to confront Frank after the veto ceremony. If Day does end up confronting him, we’re in for another great night of feeds for sure!

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