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Big Brother 18: Paul Calls Corey and Nicole out

After Paul got James, Michelle, and Natalie back on board, Paul got their permission to call out Nicole in front of everyone on how she has been lying and manipulating. The intention was to get them rattled before tomorrow’s veto competition.


It all started at around 12:10am after Paul had gotten the permission from James, Michelle, and Natalie to call Corey and Nicole out so that he could rattle their cages and have them sleep on the paranoia going into the veto competition tomorrow. Paul questioned Nicole as to how he’s the manipulator when he’s the one on the block because of her. Paul went on to tell her that if she’s so ready to say things behind his back, she should say them to his face now. Paul then brought up Nicole previously wanting to target James. Nicole denied it, Paul started to bring up proof, but Nicole interjected again, saying that she had already told James about the conversation he’s referencing.

Nicole told Paul that she has never made anything up about him, to which Paul told her that she made up the thing that got him nominated, which is the fact that she told Natalie that Paul told Paulie that James was after Corey and Nicole. Paul asked again how he’s the manipulator and the liar in the house. Nicole told him the he lied about the Da’Vonne situation, to which Paul pointed out that she also voted Da’Vonne out. Paul told Nicole that she told the lies to Natalie before the HOH started so that she could cover her own butt. Paul told Corey and Nicole that he’s nominated because of what the two of them have said about him. Nicole tried apologizing, but Paul told her that apologizes don’t do anything for him when he’s on the block. Paul went on to tell Nicole that if she wants to talk about lying, they can talk about the fact that she lied about Paulie being a pawn week one.

Paul told Nicole that the manipulator in the house is sitting right in front of him since she manipulated three people to get him nominated. Nicole told Paul that Paulie really did tell her that he said that, but she apologizes if it wasn’t true. Paul told her that he doesn’t believe that. Nicole said that she’s not just going to throw people under the bus in this argument with him, to which Paul told her that she had no problem with throwing him under the bus. Paul added that Nicole is giving him the same responses she gave Frank when he called her out on her lies too. Corey told Paul that they didn’t go to anyone with anything, that everyone came to them with the new deal and they just agreed to it.

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Paul told Nicole that three people who he was working with don’t trust him out of the blue, so Paul said that if anyone is manipulating him, it’s her. Nicole told him that she doesn’t like confrontation, to which Paul told her that of course she doesn’t like confrontation when she’s the one getting caught lying.

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