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Big Brother 18: Paul and Victor’s Fake Fight Causes Vote Flip

Paul and Victor hatched a plan last night that was executed, but fell flat. However, a fight between Paul and James opened up a new opportunity for it to be executed a second time.


After Paul finished a long fight with James, Michelle, and Natalie in front of the entire house, Victor chimed in, starting up an impromptu fake fight. Paul told Victor that he heard he feels neglected by him. Victor told him that he did, that Paul just jumped ship and left him out to dry this week. Paul asked what he was supposed to do more, to which James answered by saying he could have hung out with Victor. Victor told Paul that he thought he’d be campaigning for him, but instead he just jumped ship. Paul told Victor that he just doesn’t know what else Victor wants him to do. Paul told Victor in front of everyone that he doesn’t feel like he can trust James, Michelle, or Natalie anymore. Victor told him that he feels like he CAN trust James, Michelle, and Natalie now.

Paul told James that it’s clear to him that he’s going to be a lone wolf now, which is fine since he’ll just play his hardest for the HOH. Paul added that if Victor goes, it’s in his best interest to work with people who haven’t lied to him, which in his case, Paul said was Corey and Nicole. Victor told Paul that he can’t trust him anymore. Paul told Victor that he can take a swing at him if he wants to. Victor told him that he will take a swing and he’ll say it to his face. Paul told Victor that if he had a problem, he should have come and said it to his face.

Once Paul left, it gave Victor a chance to continue to work on James, Michelle, and Natalie. James said that he heard Nicole say that she’s tried of people bring up the “FT” comment in arguments. Victor told him that Paul is definitely working with Corey and Nicole. Natalie told James that Corey and Nicole aren’t defending them or anything, which Natalie says means that Corey needs to go.  James told them that Nicole blew up on him too. Michelle said that Corey needs to go, that way Nicole is demoralized. Natalie told Victor to go mend things with Paul just to get his vote this week to ensure that James would be able to save him.

After Victor left, Natalie told James that he has to vote Corey out. James told them that he has to make sure that this isn’t just a ploy. Natalie told him that Victor couldn’t make up this kind of stuff and Michelle told him that she trusts Victor. Natalie and Michelle both told James that they had a gut feeling that Corey needed to go. Natalie added that Corey and Nicole don’t want to open up to them while Victor does open up to them. James started to get on board, acknowledging that Corey did tell Paul that James was acting paranoid, who then relayed it back to Victor. James told them that if he votes Corey out and Paul still votes Victor out, Corey and Nicole would know it was him. Michelle told him that Corey and Nicole are already against them.

Victor rejoined them in the lounge, telling James, Michelle, and Natalie that he talked to Paul and Paul told him that he’s all he has, which confirms that Paul will vote to keep him. Victor told them that it was BS that Paul was protecting Corey and Nicole during that fight. Natalie told Victor to go back and ensure that he has Paul’s vote, to which Victor did. Natalie then asked James if he’s starting to see the fact that they need to get Corey out. James said that he’s starting to see it now. James told them that Corey and Nicole don’t tell them anything, only collect information. Michelle told James that they’ve proven they can take Victor out, while they’d be securing Nicole’s spot in the final two if they were to keep Corey. James agreed that Corey and Nicole have been acting sketchy.

James asked what would happen if this were all just a ploy. Michelle told him that they’d team up with Nicole and take Paul and Victor out. Natalie told James that she wants Victor to stay and Corey gone. Michelle seconded Natalie’s comment. Michelle told James that this way they’d have Victor fighting with him in the HOH instead of it being Corey, Nicole, and Paul vs only James. Natalie told James that if one of those three win HOH, they’re going to put her up. Michelle told him that if Corey leaves, there is no way that Nicole could win HOH after losing the love of her life. James agreed, but started to say that if it comes back to bite them, when Natalie interjected and told James that if it comes back to bite them, James can personally take her out.

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