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Big Brother 18: Paul and Victor Hatch Plan To Evict Corey

Victor’s fate was all but sealed going into Thursday’s eviction, but a last minute plan put together by Paul and Victor might have been able to turn the tables.


The plan started by Paul attempting to and successfully making a deal with Corey and Nicole so that they wouldn’t target him next week. Once James, Michelle, and Natalie saw Paul talking to Corey and Nicole, Victor was then able to exploit that like Paul suggested he do, which is exactly what Paul did for the next few hours.

Natalie tried telling Victor that Paul trying to get buddy buddy with Corey and Nicole were only hurting Victor’s chances to stay. Victor used that, telling them that if he leaves while Corey, Nicole, and Paul are working together, it would be them three vs only James in the upcoming HOH. Victor explained to them that Corey and Nicole would be open to working with Paul since they know James and Natalie have Michelle. Victor added that if any of those three were to win HOH, two from their group would be going up since Paul wouldn’t be considered an option anymore.

The next step of the plan was for Victor to pretend like he was turning his back on Paul as if Paul had done that to him. Victor would like James, Michelle, and Natalie bad mouth Paul to him, telling him things that he would pretend to buy into whether they were true or not. Victor played into it as if Paul had abandoned him to hangout with Corey and Nicole when he was supposed to be Victor’s ride or die. Victor went on to explain to them that not only will it be three people vs only James if Victor were to leave, but it would also be ensuring that Corey or Paul won the next care package, meaning that unlike if he were to stay in the house, there would be no shot of someone from their side of the house getting whatever the power was.

Natalie asked Victor that if he were to stay, would he put Paul on the block. Victor told them that he would because he was already planning on putting Nicole on the block, making Paul the perfect second nominee. Victor amped up the selling of the fact that he no longer trusted Paul. He continually said that he thought Paul was campaigning for him, which only got James, Michelle, and Natalie to tell him how wrong he was. Natalie told Victor that the one thing that she worries about now is Paul voting him out. Victor told them that Paul wouldn’t vote him out as long as he didn’t find out that they’re onto his game.

Once Victor left, giving Michelle and Natalie time alone to talk about it, they both agreed that Victor has to stay. Natalie is talking with 100% confidence that they have Victor on their side now and will be going after both Nicole and Paul if he wins the next HOH.

Update: The plan was shut down once James told Corey and Nicole about it. Nicole told them that she was just speaking to Corey about Paul and Victor trying something such as this. What Corey and Nicole didn’t do was tell them about the new deal she made with Paul.

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