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Big Brother 18: Nicole’s Alliance Turns On Her

Nicole has been on thin ice with her alliance over the last couple weeks since her name has been popping up frequently relating to both Tiffany when she was in the house and Frank, who she keeps giving seconds chances to despite it always ending in the same result. However, that ice shattered yesterday afternoon.

Nicole Franzel from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Nicole Franzel from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

Da’Vonne had been wary of Nicole for weeks, but only because of her showmance with Corey, but after Da’Vonne was told by Frank during last week’s HOH competition that Nicole had been leaking information to Frank and Bridgette, Da’Vonne suspicions were confirmed and she began to rally the troops against Nicole.

Frank and Bridgette both told Da’Vonne everything about Nicole, from a final two deal that they had to Frank leaking them information from group meetings that they all were having. Frank also told Zakiyah and Paulie that Nicole weren’t to be trusted, but they didn’t take him too seriously, as they thought he was just trying to throw someone else under the bus to save himself.

James, Paulie, and Paul quickly got on board with Da’Vonne plans to target Nicole soon after they found out about Nicole and Corey working with Frank and Bridgette behind all of their backs as a power four alliance. Paul confirmed that this alliance’s existence after a long talk with Bridgette earlier this morning. Da’Vonne had voiced concern about not being able to target Nicole anytime soon because nobody would vote her out, but James told her that if they just put up someone who is very likable against her, they’d have to vote her out. Paulie and Paul also later talked about cutting Nicole soon, but those two also want to cut Da’Vonne soon as well.

That all being said, the current pecking order in the house will be Frank, Bridgette, Victor, then either Nicole or Da’Vonne, depending on which houseguest manages to win Head of Household. It’ll be an interesting few weeks moving forward to see if Nicole catches onto her own alliance’s new distrust of her and if Paulie can turn her own showmance, Corey, against her as well.

  • Shelley OBrien

    Da’ dirty work. Hope Nic gets Da’ out first

    • T.F.

      I hope Da’Vonne gets Nicole out first.. Nicole has clearly become a bigger target then Da’

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