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Big Brother 18: Nicole Turns James And Natalie Against Paul

Corey and Nicole were completely screwed going into this new week, as it seemed like James, Michelle, Natalie, Paul, and Victor had all come together to get them out, but that has changed.


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Corey and Nicole had no play this week, as even if they were to win HOH, one of them would still be going home unless Corey was the one to receive co-HOH along with one of them winning the real HOH. However, Nicole managed to get into James’ ear right after Paulie’s eviction while the feeds were still down.

Nicole told James that Paulie had told her that Paul said James is coming after Nicole and Corey. James of course denied this, but went to tell Natalie about Paul allegedly throwing their names under the bus about the plan this week. Paul was questioned about him, but said that he wasn’t the one who told Paulie about their plan and said that Corey and Nicole will say anything to save themselves, but that wasn’t enough for James and Natalie.

After their conversation with Paul, James and Natalie both agreed that they believed what Nicole said, in part because of how paranoid Paul was acting. Natalie told James that since Paul threw them under the bus like that, she’s going to come after him, but said that it would need to be a backdoor. They later regrouped to talk about it again, with Natalie telling James that they have a lot of crap on Paul when it comes to everything he said about Victor, so Natalie said that they could use that to turn Victor against Paul and bring him to their side.

That all being said, it completely comes down to who wins tonight’s HOH. Paul’s only hope now is for either him or Michelle to win HOH, but even then would have to get to Michelle before Natalie could convince her otherwise. We’re in for an interesting week, to say the least!

  • Justine Fourie

    As much as I dislike Nicole and Corey (and don’t want this flip to happen emotionally), someone needs to break up Paul and Victor. Isn’t this kind of how Jordan won season 11? Going against Russell and Michelle(?) for Natalie and that guy. I don’t remember and didn’t follow the feeds.

    • Becca

      Wait, who is the “Jordan” in your scenario? I’m having trouble following.

      • Justine Fourie

        I wasn’t really comparing the houseguests as much as the scenario, and trying to make sure I remembered things correctly.

    • I Kantye

      No Paul & Victor all the way though I do think he has used Victor! Also I don’t think they can or will turn Vic against Paul. I don’t like Nat & James doing this! 😣

      • Justine Fourie

        I don’t like it either (sitting ducks>>>>>>Nicorey) but if James or Nat want to BB (or anyone really), either Paul or Vic need to be evicted. They are too strong competitively,
        and Paul has a great social game.

  • Jeanne

    I’m 100% down with The Bearded Lady or The Gigolo going to Jury! After that I don’t care who wins, I just cannot stand either of those two birds!

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