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Big Brother 18: New Fan Participation Twist

A new twist was teased on the official Big Brother Twitter before last night’s episode and we finally somewhat know what that twist is going to be, or at least what the basis of what the twist will be.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 18 news! - Source: CBS

Julie Chen has Big Brother 18 news! – Source: CBS

Julie Chen revealed a new twist on the Big Brother After Show, which needs a CBS All Access membership to watch (try it here for free), a new twist that will be involving the fans during next Thursday’s live show. She couldn’t reveal too much, obviously, but just enough to get us fans hyped and ready for it!

During the next live Thursday episode, they’re going to unleash a new twist where people at home can impact the game. Julie went on to say that you’ll be able to strategize how you’ll want to impact the game with other fans. Sadly, that was all Julie was allowed to divulge, but it sure does sound like something that could turn out to be really interesting to watch!

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