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Big Brother 18: Natalie Questions Who They Should Evict

We’re less than 24 hours away from tomorrow’s eviction, but subtle campaigning is still underway, just as what happened this afternoon when Victor finished talking to Natalie, Natalie began to question if sending him home would be the right move for her. However, James had a different plan in mind once she brought it up to him.


Natalie started her conversation with James just after 4:20pm this afternoon. She asked James if he would vote to keep Victor if that is what she really wanted. James told her that he doesn’t know, stating that it would depend on what argument she had. James asked Natalie straight up if she was wanting to keep Victor. Natalie told him that she’s starting to have her doubts about Corey and Nicole, telling James that she hasn’t worked with them at all and hearing all the things they’ve said about her makes her worried. Natalie added that she wouldn’t be surprised if Corey or Nicole won HOH then put her up. Natalie went on to tell James that she knows it’s best for his game to keep Corey, but said that it isn’t for hers.

Natalie tried asking James what he thought about it, but he wouldn’t say anything, so Natalie told him to just forget about it. James finally opened up, saying that he knows Natalie has a soft spot for Victor, to which Natalie cut him off, saying that she doesn’t have a soft spot after finding out the names Victor called her. James told her that she was just going to bat for Victor. Natalie told him that she wasn’t going to bat for Victor, just wanted to know if she played a role in James’ decision making. James told Natalie that if she had logical reasons, he’d vote the way she wants him to, but right now she’s only thinking with her emotions. Natalie told him that she’s not thinking with her emotions, explaining that Nicole has said things and done things such as cuddling with James to separate the two of them.

James told Natalie bluntly that Paul and Victor have to be split up, telling her that they can work with Corey and Nicole together if she just talks to them and connects on a emotional level. James explained that Corey and Nicole play on emotions while Paul and Victor are nothing but business, willing to do anything to win. James told her that she can beat Corey and Nicole in competitions while she couldn’t beat Victor. Natalie told him that if Paul were to win HOH, Corey and Nicole would chirp in his ear to get the two of them out. James told her that wasn’t true, that Paul knows Corey and Nicole are the bigger threat to his game. James told Natalie that the only way they could keep Victor is if he promised to take out Paul, which James said that they know he wouldn’t do.

As their conversation came to a close, James told Natalie that he’s willing to take all the heat from Paul once Victor leaves and told Natalie that she just has to trust him. Natalie told him that she does trust him and said that she felt better after having this conversation with him.

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