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Big Brother 18: Michelle Flips Vote To Save Tiffany

This week’s vote flipped numerous times a day, a couple dozen times total. The plan that settled on last night was to just not rock the boat and get Tiffany out like Frank expects, but some late campaigning from Michelle completely flipped the script on the plan moving forward.

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

Da’Vonne attempted to flip the vote yesterday, but it ended up falling flat when Paulie thought it would be a terrible mistake to make the same mistake that last season’s cast with Tiffany’s sister, which was not get her out when they finally were given the chance. However, Michelle saw an opening the next day when she had a talk with Corey, Paulie’s right-hand man, when questioned why they weren’t getting Bronte out.


Michelle’s talk with Corey began at around 8:45PM in the upstairs loft. Corey was talking to Michelle about Frank telling him that Da’Vonne was after him, but Michelle cleared it up, telling him that it’s Bronte and Natalie who want him and Paulie put up. Corey told her that he had heard about that too, then asked why they wouldn’t get Bronte out since they have the chance and know that she’s targeting him and Pauile. Michelle told him that she didn’t know why they wouldn’t vote to keep Tiffany and tells him that they have the votes to keep her if that is what he’d want to do. Michelle reassures Corey that if Tiffany were to stay, she wouldn’t target him or Paulie like Bronte would because she’d be focused on getting Frank and Bridgette out.

After about an hour from that initial conversation, Nicole began telling Michelle that she doesn’t think it’s the best idea for them to vote out Tiffany when she isn’t after them. Michelle told her that they have the votes and that the only person they’d upset by keeping her was Paulie. However, Paulie walked in just after she said that and Michelle decided to question him again if he thought it was the best idea to get her out. Paulie said that he doesn’t know and that he had actually been thinking about it. Michelle began pleading her case, telling him that Tiffany wouldn’t target him the way Bronte would and that if anyone tried getting into Tiffany’s ear, they could just tell her it was more Frank rumors.

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What solidified the vote flip was Corey joining their conversation, telling Paulie that Bronte is determined to get the two of them out while Tiffany is focused on Frank and Bridgette. Michelle told Paulie that Frank hadn’t been studying for the HOH competition, so if they evict Tiffany, he’ll be too frazzled to even focus. Corey told Paulie that if they didn’t take a shot at Bronte now, they’d be leaving her in the game for a minimum of 3-4 more weeks. Paulie decided to get on board, telling them that keeping Tiffany will give them another person who could win HOH and go after Frank.

The five votes in the room were Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey, Nicole, and Michelle. Da’Vonne wasn’t there for the meeting and was kept in the dark for the time being. Paulie told Tiffany that she’s safe and that Frank thinks she’s leaving, so she is getting together an epic speech aimed towards letting Frank know that she’s staying. It’s going to be a crazy day tomorrow, as Frank, Natalie, and Bronte will all be getting blindsided.

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