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Big Brother 18: Michelle and Natalie Discuss Nominations

After Natalie won HOH last night and Michelle received America’s 4th Care Package, the ability to become co-HOH and make one of the two nominations, they had plenty to talk about.


Going into this week, it seemed like a pretty clear cut case of just getting Corey and Nicole out. The showmance basically already had a foot out the door with nearly nothing that could be done to save them, as even if Corey or Nicole won HOH, the co-HOH would have allowed someone to put up the one person from the pair that wasn’t HOH and send them home, as the No Name alliance had the majority, but things changed once Nicole got into Natalie’s ear.

Nicole convinced Natalie that Paul told Paulie that James was coming after Corey and Nicole, which would blatantly be Paul throwing them under the bus. Natalie believed her completely, who ended up convincing James, turning the pair against Paul. Once Michelle got co-HOH, it was up to Natalie to convince her to join her plan or risk Michelle possibly telling Paul and Victor about it.

Natalie laid out her case to Michelle, ultimately telling her that if they don’t take out the strongest duo, that being Paul and Victor, they’d be just handing them the money. Michelle agreed, saying that she was already thinking about turning on Paul this week too. Once they agreed that Paul needed to go, it came down to deciding on who should go up next to him. Michelle thought that they might want to put up Corey or Nicole as a pawn, but Natalie told her that they’re at the final seven and they can’t just be putting up pawns anymore, so she suggested putting up Victor and Paul together, ensuring that Victor couldn’t just win the HOH and pull Paul off, securing safety for the both of them.

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While a decisive conclusion was never came to, it is clear that Paul is the main target that will be going up for sure with Victor being the likely second nominee. Michelle and Natalie talked about telling Victor about everything that Paul has done, from making fun of Victor by calling him the Exec to being in on Paulie’s first blindside of Victor. Only time will tell what will end up actually going down at the nomination ceremony later today.

  • Kris Runne


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